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Market America Worldwide and Also Known As Market America | SHOP.COM is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in One-to-One-Marketing.

What Is Market America ?

Market America is a company that sells a wide variety of items including cosmetics, weight loss products, skin care products, electronics, food, cleaning products, auto care products, and more. Given the wide reach of the company, people who decide to conduct sales are able to sell or recruit anyone, anywhere.
Market America is a multilevel marketing type of business, which the company calls an “unfranchise.” Distributors build their businesses by selling products and recruiting other distributors.
As an MLM, Market America offers two classic ways to make money. The first is simple to promote the products. This can be done in person and or online. The other approach is team building which is called as a Unfranchise Model

Based on Market America Wikipedia, Market America was founded in 1992 by former Amway distributor James Howard Ridinger and his wife Loren Ridinger. In late 2010, the company bought shopping comparison firm for an undisclosed amount.
In August 2021, Market America announced its partnership with Sezzle, a financial technology and publicly-traded company with a “buy now, pay later” online payment provider, where shoppers can pay for their total purchase in four installments over six weeks with zero interest.

Market America Products

Distributors can purchase and resell a wide variety of products, from health care to cosmetics to home cleaning supplies. The products are generally of good quality but may be priced higher similar offerings from other companies. Products are purchased wholesale by distributors directly from the company’s headquarters.

Market America’s product categories include health and nutrition (Isotonix), home and garden care (Snap), pet care (Pet Health), automotive care (Autoworks), weight management (TLS), personal care (Royal Spa, Fixx, Skintelligence), cosmetics (Motives by Loren Ridinger), jewelry (Loren Jewels, Yours by Loren Ridinger), and water filter systems (Pure H2O). Services include personal financial management (maCapital Resources) and Internet marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses (maWebCenters).

The firm’s Isotonix line of dietary supplements was introduced in 1993, and came to include more than 20 products.  Its Prime line consists of 12 supplement formulations. In 2004, the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) weight management program was introduced.

The company has applied for and received many trademarks on its products and services, including its Isotonix line. One of its popular products, Isotonix OPC-3, claims that its antioxidant, Pycnogenol, is a free-radical scavenger derived from the bark of the maritime pine tree, which grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France in Les Landes de Gascogne

Market America provides a wide range of products which can be divided into different categories as described below:

  • Health and nutrition: Eg: Isotonix, Vitamind.
  • Home and garden care: Eg: Snap, Autoworks.
  • Pet care: Eg: Pet Health.
  • Automotive care: Eg: Autoworks.
  • Weight management: Eg: TLS, Choice.
  • Personal care: Eg: Royal Spa, Fixx, Skintelligence.
  • Cosmetics: Eg: Motives by Loren Ridinger.
  • Jewelry: Eg: Loren Jewels.
  • Water filter systems: Eg: Pure H20.

The Services also include personal financial management and Internet marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Market America Business Plan

Market America | SHOP•COM provides a system for entrepreneurs to create a supplemental income while providing consumers worldwide with a better way to shop. Through revolutionary technology and the power of people – we are creating the economy of the future. We’re powered by people just like you.

Market America has a binomial compensation plan. Each rep or “Unfranchise Owner” retails products to preferred customers and recruits other reps to do the same. An Unfranchise Owner begins by purchasing 200BV of product to qualify their business center and remains on a 50BV-150BV transfer buy per month.

This is the product the rep can purchase for personal use or to sell to customers. BV is a point value assigned to each product that is used to determine when commission checks will be earned. After that the rep must recruit two people and place one on the left side and one on the right side.

This activates the business center and the Unfranchise Owner can begin receiving commission checks. As your business organization grows and more reps are selling to preferred customers and recruiting new Unfranchise Owners, the amount of BV accumulated on each side results in commissions being paid out.

Market America Opportunity

Are you looking for a proven plan for financial success? Market America could be exactly what you’re looking for. When you join Market America, you get your own website. You also get access to merchandising, excellent marketing and state-of-the-art management systems. That’s before we even come to the range of products that Market America has.

This is a company that helps people achieve a generous income by working from home every single day. They have also forged deals with other well-known name brands, as well as selling their own amazing products, such as Isotonix. These are highly researched health and wellness supplements. You can also sell name brands like Nike and Apple. You can get great deals and compare with other websites. All in all, it makes shopping easier and gives consumers more options.

For those who sign up to distribute, it gives such a wide range of products that customers don’t even need to worry about focusing on one area. Even signing up as a first-time customer will earn you 5% back on your next purchase, as long as you spent $25 or more. Who doesn’t love cash back?

How to join Market America?

To join this business opportunity, you need to either find another independent distributor that will help you sign up or there is the option to sign up on the company website without a distributor’s help.

Once you register you will need to purchase a starter kit. There are 4 starter kits which can be described as follows and you will need to choose one to get started.

  • Health and Personal Care
  • Motives Cosmetics
  • TLS Weight Loss solution
  • MA WebCenters

Market America’s exclusive brands help you pick the Fast Start Kit that best suits your interests.

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